Aug 9, 2013

Review Mongoose Victory at Sea Miniatures

NOTE 11-08-2015: It seems that Mongoose hasn't been able to make good on their promises for this line. After 2 years of silence they have slowly pulled their remaining ships from their webstore. No information is available of this line still being continued in one way or another and no concrete news about it has been given by Mongoose for 2 years now. For me this is rather disappointing since I really loved the miniatures and would have endorsed them wholeheartedly if Mongoose would have launched the line. Since it is now 2015, I really have to conclude that Mongoose is not a company that you can rely on to make good on their promises. Alas.....

Hello all!

Finally I got my hands on the Victory at Sea ship miniatures from Mongoose Publishing. Ever since War at Sea was discontinued by WoTC I've been searching for nice miniatures in the 1/1800 scale to expand my collection.

Mongoose had announced their new line pretty short after WaS was discontinued. It took some time though
before they ended up on my desk since Mongoose did not make their release deadlines (still don't, the Denmark Strait set was set for Juli) and it seems to be pretty hard to get my hands on the ships in a FLGS in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, I finally recieved my box with the Battle of the river Plate set and it's time for a little review!