Aug 27, 2015

Some more Shapeways!

I'm really on a roll here, these ships took some more time because of the wooden decks which required some more detailing.

HMS Renown (WotC) and HMS Galatea (Shapeways)

Aug 23, 2015

New IJN Ships (shapeways)


Last week I finished up most of the IJN ships I ordered from Shapeways:

Shoho (WotC repaint), with her escort, Furutaka, Kako, Aoba and Kinugasa

Aug 12, 2015

Preview of Naval War, my WWII Naval Miniatures game

So, finally it has come to this point… I’m proud to be able to present to you guys the outline of my own WWII Naval ruleset: Naval War

Naval_War_LogoWhat kind of ruleset is Naval War? Why is it
different from other rulesets?

Naval war is a fast-playing, action packed wargame that will really blow you away… ‘wink’

...Right, now that we’ve got that over with and further trying to avoid the compulsory superlatives, let me take you on a cruise down the ruleset so you can make up your own mind about what makes this game unique: