May 1, 2016

Battle Report - May 1942; Southeast of the Jomard Passage

May 1942, Southeast of the Jomard Passage, Coral Sea.

Played using the Naval War ruleset from

After a night of bad weather the morning breaks for the carrier Shoho and her heavy cruiser escort. The original fleet composition of four heavy cruisers and destroyer escort has been thinned during the activity of the past evening and night. Kako and Furutaka have been detached to support the port Moresby invasion fleet who have reported an enemy fleet approaching them, possibly containing enemy heavy cruisers. The destroyer escort is close by after having investigated an alleged submarine contact during the night; thus, the Shoho, escorted by the heavy cruisers Aoba and Kinugasa are awaiting further orders in anticipation of the Port Moresby invasion.

Suddenly, as the weather clears the Japanese scouts report an enemy contact to the south: capital ship, small escort. It seems the Americans have suffered from the same bad weather during the night, scattering their forces. Further reports confirm that it is a Yorktown class fleet carrier, escorted by two destroyers. Seeing a window of opportunity, the Japanese Rear-Admiral orders a course-change towards the reported enemy position. If the Americans can be caught by surprise, a great victory can be won!