Apr 27, 2014

Creating an island

So, I'm currently working on some scenery for my VaS games. This is how it turned out:

Clicky for a quick how-to:

The following video inspired me to try their technique, so credits where its due:

Made an outline of the island that I want in thick plasticcard
 photo 20140423_132801.jpg

Then started cutting syrofoam in chunks that would fit on the plasticcard outline

 photo 20140423_132857.jpg photo 20140423_132910.jpg

After glueing everything together and letting it dry I went completely overboard with my exacto knife on the syrofoam :) Note that except for a rough horizontal pattern I did not 'try' to get rock shapes or anything, just let it all go and cut it up till your satisfied with the result.
 photo 20140423_161408.jpg

Then covered it with a mixture of wood-glue, sand and black acrilic paint to make sure it becomes a bit sturdy and gets a bit of a grainy texture.
 photo 20140423_184202.jpg

After the first coat has dried I made a second run with a spray can of black primer to make sure the black got in every corner and recess.
 photo 20140423_184155.jpg

Finally, after the black undercoats have dried I gave it a drybrush with subsequential coats of dark brown, brown, sand and finally a bit of white.

Finish up with flocking the piece and voila; a nice island for my sea maps :D


Phil said...

Splendid, this island is splendid!

Ecclesiastes said...

Thank you, it did turn out better than I expected.

Except for the drying time, it was only an afternoon's work so I intend to build more of these with this technique. It's fast and gives nice results.