Jan 13, 2015

Naval War: Playtest requests

It seems my posts about my Naval War ruleset have put the project into second gear. I've received several playtest requests by now and I was caught a bit off-guard by that.

I think most of the ruleset is playable in its current form, so playtesting is something I want to encourage. At the same time, it is most terrifying to have people looking at the rules and cards without me being there in person to explain everything and show the thought process behind the mechanics etc. Of course I hope that they recognize the rough diamond that is in there (in my own humble opinion) and not discard it like a lump of coal (which is also bound to happen because no ruleset can cater to everyone's taste). Still, since I've taken the leap of letting outsiders look at and give feedback about the set, I thought it would be handy to put a little post here detailing the application process.

Soooo, if you like to give Naval War a try and provide me with some valuable feedback, here's what you need to do:

You can send me an e-mail to hjseijm at gmail dot com. In the mail, please tell me some things about yourself, your name, maybe age, country, what miniature games you have played before (if any), and if you have any prior playtesting experience.

If you want to playtest my set you need to include the following piece of text: 

"I will respect that the ruleset being provided to me by the author (AKA Ecclesiastes) is only for the purpose of playtesting them and offering critiques and comments. The ownership of the ruleset belongs to the author and I will not offer for sale or disclose them to others for the purpose of sale."

I have no means of issuing or enforcing an NDA. Still, the rules and addendums are copyrighted and I request that that is respected by everyone that participates in the playtesting.

I'll then give you access to a shared folder on my Onedrive where I store the PDF's which will provide you with everything you need to play (except ship miniatures ofcourse). I'll also include your e-mail adress on my mailing list to give notice when I've published updates etc. I wont use the e-mail adress for any other purpose.

I hope that covers it all, I want to say to everyone who has already enlisted for playtesting that I'm honoured that people are interested and willing to invest time in my little rule-set.


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