Apr 1, 2016

Work, work, work....

It isn't easy to make your own miniature naval game. Tremendous amounts of work go into the ruleset itself, but if you want to be able to show the game to anyone you will need a full-blown demo setup. This does not only mean having all your gaming aids, dice and rules nicely done and ready, but also means that you will need to be able to field most of the units in the game, pretty scenery and a nice table surface.

Getting the fleets done is an ongoing process that will probably keep me busy for the years to come. My Britisch and German fleets are pretty extensive by now, so I can field most builds from the Norway OOB. Getting the US and Japan going is the next thing on the list, with Japan being about half done now, still requiring some carriers and the odd battleship and cruiser to be painted.

My US navy though is in need of a serious building program (Late to the scene as usual USA?). First trip is to my War at Sea box to find anything that is pretty enough to be aquired for the Demo-fleet. Found Yorktown, Lexington (alas with the prewar deck configuration), some DD's, but that's about it (my War at Sea collection isn't as extensive as some of the collectors out there, but I'm also pretty critical about what constitutes a good enough sculpt to be repainted for the demo fleet), so off to shapeways we go.

The list so far:

Batch 1:
2x Northampton class CA
2x New Orleans class CA
1x Portland class CA
1x North Carolina class BB
(All Shapeways)

So far so good, I must admit that although expensive, I really love the Frosted Ultra Detail Shapeways prints:


Next on the workbench:

Batch 2:
Lexington (I'd really loved to have the Shapeways Lexington, but a carrier in FUD is way outside my budget range)
1x Atlanta class CL
1x St. Louis class CL
1x Omaha class CL
2x Porter class DD
2x Bagley class DD
1x Clemson class DD
(All War at Sea sculpts)

1x South Dakota BB
5x Faragut class DD
2x Mahan class DD


This should set me up with a pretty workable force for the Coral Sea, which brings me to my next hurdle in getting my demo forces up to speed.....Planes! (or the lack thereof)

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