Jul 25, 2012

Building IJN Nachi


Ok, so here's the first of my scratchbuilt warships, scale 1:1800. I've built this ship in January 2010. After studying some tutorials at the Forumini made by their expert modellers I decided to give scratchbuilding a shot. I aquired some plasticcard and looked for a nice subject to build.
This turned out to be a IJN nachi. War at Sea had its own Nachi model, but the details and dimensions on it were terrible. When I got the mini I was quite disappointed... The sizes seemed to be quite off making my favorite cruiser look quite fat.

Something better must be possible for this beautiful ship so I tried building one myself. I already tried building some cargoships but this would be my first warship...

She turned out way way way better than I ever expected so I also entered her in the then-new Golden Battleship competition 2010 organised by the Forumini, taking first prize!

More about the building process behind the link, clicky!

First stages with the original model next to it:

I used layered plasticcard to build up the hull and deck and then cut all kinds of bits and pieces to build up the superstructure.

Next stage...


And some more work done...
The torpedo-tubes have been added thanks to a suggestion (and how-to) of Seisen, one of the Forumini top scratchbuilders.


Finished building (also added a scratchbuilt floatplane)...


And finished painting...


I must say that I'm real proud of her, the project turned out far better than I could have ever hoped.

Ok, and then for the piece de resistance...


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