Jul 25, 2012


Sooo, I'ts been some time since I've updated the blog and in the meantime lots of stuff has happened. It has been raining here for like the past two months, so I've never had a chance to take some nice pictures of all my work. In the Bible it rained for 40 days and they called it a disaster, here in the Netherlands we call that summer -.-.

But since better weather has reached us by now I'll be taking pictures again!

Other developments are that I've abandoned my quest for writing my own ruleset for the time being (I may revive it in the future though) for a few reasons. First reason is that is is not that hard to write a decent ruleset, the really hard part is writing army lists that go wíth the ruleset (>>insert 'I told you so!' quotes here<<)! I've become a bit stranded in the overkill of historical settings, details on army composition, regional history and statlines. A shame really, but with a daytime job my other interest really suffered on this project.

Then the news hit that Fireforge, the company which miniatures form the majority of my medieval collection is planning to bring out their own ruleset Deus Vult at the end of the year. That would mean that I could check out their ruleset and maybe actually find some opponents to play against! Something that is a lot more difficult when trying to find opponents for your own game. So I've decided to wait out till Deus Vult hits and check that out. I've still got some more knights and levies painted though so I'll post pics of those in the near future. After a simple rebasing round they will be all set for another gaming system.

With this blog no longer being dedicated to my own ruleset I've decided to expand the scope a bit to include my other interest in miniature gaming, that being WW2, both land (Flames of War) and Sea (War at Sea / Victory at Sea 2 when it comes out). I've done a lot of modelling and painting for both and especially for War at Sea. I've been active on the Forumini ( for quite some years and I'll try to bundle some of my modelling contributions to that forum on my own blog.

Thats it for now!

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