Apr 14, 2012

Levy Militia

So, I've just finished one group of 10 levy militia.

Since there are no 12th century kits availiable I've used the multi-part plastic 'Saxon Fyrd' kit miniatures by Wargames factory. Since ordinary militia would probably have much the same weaponry in the 10th as in the 12th century I thought they could do. I've used as much kiteshields as possible since the round shield would be very much outdated by then but there weren't enough of them in the kit (not much a surprise as I'm planning to have 24 militia and only 12 kiteshields are availiable).

I've decided against the more modern kite- and heatershields since I figured that militia wouldn't have any 'modern' equipment. Those I'm saving for the sergeants.



They've turned out very nice, very characterfull mini's!

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