Apr 20, 2012

Objective markers!

So during the writing of rules and the painting of mini's I came up with the idea of making some objective markers. Considering what would be a good objective I ended up with one simple thing: Food! Every army marched on its belly and foraging was a major reason for skirmishing or battle.

Of course, little signs labeled 'here be food' is not very pretty on the tabletop to fight over so I've done a bit of brainstorming and ended up with either cattle or harvested products. First I've tried to get hold of some cattle, but that turned out to be less easy than I expected. As an alternative to ordering miniature cattle from the miniatures-companies I looked for toys, since that would be a big difference in price. Well, beside the big difference in price there is also a big difference in scale! Even the smallest pig I could find was about half as big as a horse (that would provide a lot of meat though!).

Since that idea was wiggled off to the kids' toybin, it was time for plan B. Since raiders would probably not be too keen on harvesting or processing food I figured they would be looking for stuff that they could easily carry off. Big sacks of grain seemed like a good way to go. I brought my tailoring skills to bear and cut up an old t-shirt into little strips of cloth, sowed those together (the things I do for this hobby), turned them inside out, filled them with ballast and painted them up. Mounted on bases so they will be distinguishable as gaming pieces the end result was quite statisfying :D.



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