Apr 13, 2012

Lord Bardolf

So the first retinue I've been working on is almost done,

Lord Doun Bardolf, Baron of Wormegay and Shelford, father of William and Thomas (yet to be painted) with a retinue of two squires carrying the extra equipment and four mounted sergeants.

Lord Bardolf has been put together from the Fireforge Games teutonics (awesome sculpts!). The squires are from the plastic norman knights set from Conquest games, converted with extra equipment and headswaps. I used the gambeson bodies in the sprue for the squires and the chainmail bodies for the sergeants.


The sergeants are Conquest Games Norman knights, only minimal conversion done by a headswap and some alteration to the helmets.


In the future there are going to be some sergeants on foot to complete the retinue, but since there I have not found any plastic 12th/13th footsoldiers, those will wait a bit since both Conquest and Fireforge have announced that they will be bringing out those in the near future. In the meantime I will work on my second retinue and some Levy Militia to be able to put the first scenario together. After that I'll flesh out the retinue with more retainers like a standard bearer, veteran etc.

** Note: It has been correctly pointed out that the heraldry of the squires and sergeants aren't in line with history. I'll be correcting those errors after I finish my current paintwork, stay tuned for updates :D

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